Recycle Your Batteries at our Vape Shops in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas

This is why Vapor Station has partnered up with Battery Solutions. Our vape shop locations in Columbus, Hilliard, Gahanna and Circleville has a designated bucket you can discard your batteries in. It does not have to be the typical 18650 batteries used in vaping either. Bring any batteries you need to dispose of when you come by. When you bring in your old batteries you get 10% off on new batteries.

Many people do not understand the importance of disposing of their batteries properly. In fact, in many as 30 states have made it illegal to throw your batteries away in the trash. This is because  batteries that are discarded improperly can cause dangerous health and environmental implications because of the heavy metals the batteries contain.  Batteries that are thrown in the trash will go your local landfill and can leak chemicals and heavy metals into soil, groundwater, lakes and streams. Also when burned,batteries release heavy metals into the air.